Dance For Your Lover With Pure Confidence – A Tease and Pole Workshop For Women
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Dance For Your Lover with Pure Confidence- A Tease and Pole Workshop For Women Now….let me just tell you a little story about why I put this workshop together. Last year back when my bf and I started dating, I took him to the dance studio where I work, fired up my playlist of songs and danced for him for about an hour. It was pure bliss. I felt strong in my body and truly alive in my spirit. My intention wasn't to keep him around, or "show him what I was working with" but simply to share my sacred exotic movement journey in a truly authentic way. I didn't parade a bunch of costumes or get all done up. It was literally me, the pole, the floor, some dim lighting and my playlist. He was floored, inspired (and of course hott) by the way in which I was able to navigate the dance floor effortlessly. Sharing these dances with him opened up a different level of trust in our budding relationship. When I trusted myself not to fake my sexiness or try to be more than what I really was in that very moment, I welcomed him into a safe,defenseless,warm and alluring sanctuary. That space, possessing all of these desirable qualities, invited him to be more relaxed in giving me the things that I wanted (without me having to beg or bitch for them). For example: quality time, affirmations, acknowledgement, physical touch, planning ahead etc Side note: I fell while dancing. I was going into a pole stunt – into a split and came down on my knee hard. I was starting to muscle a smile and just push through. Instead I got up, paused the music and started taking care of my knee. He noticed the mistake ( being keen on dance and all) and was hoping I would stop as well for a moment. He massaged my leg and 15 minutes later I was back up. They want us to take care of ourselves. They want us to be our best self! Has your lover ever asked you to dance for them? You agree, put on the music and then freeze? Or maybe you're fine during the dance and then afterwards you realize you were only pretending to be secure…. you start to panic and ask questions like: how did I look? did you enjoy it? did it seem stupid? Wouldn't it feel magnificent to share space with our lovers in a number of ways where we simply just allowed them to witness our pure brilliance and light? Wouldn't it be pleasurable to witness them in the same fashion and not constantly question their presence in our lives? That's why I created this workshop. One of the biggest misconceptions that women have when they come to take a class or workshop with me is that they have to know how to dance in order to get the most out of the event. This isn't true. Yes, I have a healthy background in dance (which enables me to teach) but the movement that we do in the workshop is natural to your body. No extra twists, turns and awkward positions. Inspite of the fact that we will be doing some pole-work you will be able to translate this dance into any space you share with your lover whether you own a pole or not. My intention is always to help each woman enhance her authentic style of movement. I want you to be your most comfortable when gracing the floor to share with your lover. This workshop isn't for everyone. I will admit that. It's a larger investment for a shorter period of time than my workshops have been normally. It will be content and practice heavy. And you will not leave the same way that you came. Dance For Your Lover with Pure Confidence is about more than entertaining the one you go home to at night. It's about: discovering your ability to dance for your lover in life activating the confidence to be the woman you have always desired to be in relationships without fear of losing the relationship unleashing your ability to create a vibrant relationship instead of just expecting it to happen. ———————————— I want you there (single or committed) if you are truly ready to peel back all of those layers of skin that mask the truly phenomenal woman that God pre-destined you to be – right now. I want you there if you're serious about your relationship (present or future) being your "first ministry". I want you there if you're tired of playing the same ol' sad story in your head about your body, about your love life, about yourself or about your partner. I want you there if you are ready to stretch past the excuses of why you can't be happy with yourself and your relationship and own up to your power to create whatever you desire with love. ———————————– I don't know about you but i'm ready for more love. More love to create the life that I truly desire. Our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with our lovers are classrooms for learning how to expand our capacity for more love. If this workshop resonates with you join me next Wednesday on the dance floor… Dance For Your Lover with Pure Confidence- A Tease and Pole Workshop For Women March 20th 2013 7-9pm The Good Gyrrl Studio 1200 W. 35th Street Chicago,IL Free Parking RSVP HERE: Tickets: /person Particpants Need: Shorts or Yoga Pants Tank Top or Loose T-shirt Button Down Shirt Yoga Mat Small Towel Notebook and Pen Love is always enough, rashi About The Art of Enticement with Rashi The Art of Enticement with master sensual dance instructor, speaker, writer and performance artist Rashi guides women to embracing their sensuality so we can show up in our intimate relationships (and life!) with audacity, vibrancy and strength. Rashi offers workshops, classes and retreats in Chicago, IL. She is available for interviews, feature post, guest writing, performing and guest teaching opportunities online and in-person. Travel opportunities are welcomed. To further inquire about collaboration effots please email

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