Herb Workshops
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Workshop 1: April 7th, Sun. Herb Spiral. Lecture and demonstration of which herbs to grow, how and why. Walk a large herb spiral at Shambala Farm on Camano Is, and learn why you would group herbs for medicinal reasons, and how to combine guilding for a healthy garden.Differentherbal needs andpreferenceswill be discussed with the creation of three small functional herb spirals, focused on how to establish a relationship with herbs. Workshop 2: May 5th, Sun. Herb Walk. Walk through Iverson Beach and learn how to identify and why to use some of our abundant medicinal "weeds". We will bediscussing and recording our understanding ofyarrow, nettle, yellow dock and a host of other wild ones as we amble through the many different micro climates of Iverson – a 10 minute drive from Shambala. Learn about herbal first aid andusefulallies. Workshop 3: June 9th, Sun. Medicinal Properties in Plants. In thisdiscussionwe examine the different actions of herbs and how to group the 6 different tastes in a world view that allows fortreatingan ailment. This is an introductory window into the traditionalpracticeof western herbalism with information and guides on how to further yourinvestigations. Workshop 4: July 14th, Sun. Medicine Making. Hands on demonstration of how to process herbs for tasty effective medicine and the underlying principles of preservation. Further first aid and everyday remedies as we take advantage of our locallyabundantallies. We will be making st johns wort salve and tincture, cedar salve for worts, preparing rosemary and tyme for the winter in honeys and other syrups and tinctures galore! Workshop 5: September 8th, Sun. Make your own salves, lotions and shampoos. Demonstration and lecture on basic skin care maintenance and products using local wildcrafted herbs. Theskinis a great indicator of personal health and we will have an in-depthdiscussionon how overall vitality reflects wholeness while making great shampoos,vinegarrinsesand face creams. We will also understand herbal constituents to be able to best prepare them for the most effective medicine. Workshop 6: October 20th, Sun. Herb Walk. Walk through the forest and learn how to identify and why to use some of our native roots and mushrooms. Off to Pilchuck to hunt down the king of the forest,devils club anddiscusshow these plants effect and work with the adrenals. We will also be talking about Oregon grape and safe considerate educated wild crafting principles. Join us for one or more day(s). Instructors: Natasha Clarke of Wildcrafts. For any questions about the classes and course content contact Natasha at 360- 631-1996 or sashasideways@yahoo.com. Natasha Clarke is a herbalist living and practicing on Camano Island. While designing edible gardens Natasha began to explore the world of medicinalperennials. Through experimentation making fun natural things with her children Natasha stumbledinto a love of herbalism.Being well versed inarchetypesshe began toseriouslystudy andpracticethe art of healing with herbs. Natasha is hoping to create interest in a local group meeting monthly to share herbal lore and experience. Cost: per class, cash price; all funds must be received 3 business days prior to the class. Mail check to Shambala Farms or for your convenience you can purchase tickets online with a processing fee at:http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/333340

at Shambala Permaculture Farm and Nursery
395E North Camano Drive
Camano Island, United States

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