Natural Remedy for Dull Hair - DIY Hair Mask - Beauty Tips

Ever wondered how you could get a glowing skin without going to an expensive beauty salon? If you could give your hair that extra shine without resorting to chemicals and artificial ingredients?Beauty mantra helps you with all your problems relating to your skin and hair.This programme is about how simple home-remedies and naturally available ingredients can cure the most difficult skin and hair problems as well as solve the problems caused by harsh chemicals used in beauty treatments.It explores the naturally available resources which can be used for enhancing one’s beauty.With the help of experts and a specialized team beauty mantra also helps you to be aware of the harmful chemicals used in your daily beauty care and hair care helps you to choose only the right kind of product and gives you more options on how you can take care of your skin.It stresses on using natural products which are easily available and go easy on your budget. For Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at Join us on Facebook at Follow us at
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