In the other videos I’ve gone step by step through these lovely aloe vera-based products. In this video the professionals have their say – and show you how to put the products on ‘properly’. These are not slick professional videos – just me talking about stuff I like and use. I am older (wiser) and am constantly told how lovey my skin is. I have a few secrets I’d like to share. Some of them will, quite likely, be just right for you. Comment and let me know. Forever Living has gorgeous skincare suitable for all skin types. The Sonya Skincare Collection is gentle, hypoallergenic and contains no parabens. The base, main ingredient, of each product is patented stabilised aloe vera from the inner leaf gel, with added ingredients like white tea, mimosa bark, fruit extracts and cucumber. These cleanse, heal and nourish the skin, leaving your face feeling silky smooth — and they help to ‘iron out’ wrinkles! http
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