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Women's Circle Retreat
in Yelapa Mexico 
with Linda Wolf,
founder of Women's Circles Network and Daughters Sisters Project

and Kellie Shannon Elliott, 5Rhythms certified teacher
plus surprise guest leader, to be announced 

Yelapa, Mexico

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"The work Linda Wolf is doing changes the world" Jean Houston
"Being part of circle saved my life" Talina Wood
"This retreat is a secret treasure" Beverly Yates 

    • Nine Days/Eight Nights Eco Lodging at El Jardin Eco Retreat (
    • 3 Delicious, whole-foods meals per day, prepared by our on-site chef, Eric Kuhner (vegan options available)
    • Daily Women's Circle, facilitated by Linda Wolf 
      (except adventure days)
    • Daily 5Rhythms movement (except adventure days)
    • plus a surprise guest leader (to be announced)
    •  A day trip to the Marietta Islands- the uninhabited wildlife refuge, snorkling and swimming beach, home of the Blue-Footed Boobie Birds, with a fresh ceviche lunch prepared by our boatman Severino 
    • A day trip with a short hike to swim in an insolated jungle waterfall, drink fresh coconut milk, sip moonshine, and on the way home stop for a feast with a Mexican family (fresh caught fish, handmade corn tortillas, homemade guacamole & salsa, and flan)
    • Evening story-telling, music, and laughter. 

Women's Circle: Well facilitated circles are powerful, transformational, mutual support systems designed to liberate us by allowing us to tell our truth, without fear of judgment, betrayal, or rejection. Listening Circles slow us down to the speed of our hearts, bond us together in a cultivated safety, intimacy and trust that affects every other part of our experience outside circle. In circle, we are fully present with each other and ourselves, as we are. This naturally brings forth deep insights and inner wisdom. Within this resonate field our truth becomes clear; we can let go of the past, state our intentions for the future, and support each other to manifest a new reality.  Women's Circle is ancient, powerful and deeply healing.

 Compassionate Listening™ Compassionate Listening is a life-long spiritual practice that if used will impact all your relationships, for the rest of your life. Compassionate Listening helps us to create a spaceousness which allows us to listen to and accept ourselves, and to hold multiple perspectives with respect. This inner peace building skill is desperately needed in the world. It gives us the capacity to create sustainable and thriving relationships, which is what is the most important thing in life. It lifts our vibration, freeing us, liberating us. 

5Rhythms5Rhythms is a movement mediation practice, devised by the late Gabrielle Roth. It draws from indigenous and world traditions, Gestalt therapy, the human potential movement, and transpersonal psychology. 5Rhythms is a soul journey. By moving the body, releasing the heart and freeing the mind, one can connect to the essence of the soul, the source of inspiration in which an individual has unlimited possibility and potential.

Extra Special Adventures:

Day-trip to Pizota: (included in fee)
We'll visit the neighboring village of Pizota, which is an even smaller fishing village (only 26 families) just around the southern point of Yelapa, 10 minutes by boat. There we’ll be treated to a delicious lunch, but only after a most fascinating hike in the jungle, and swim in a secluded waterfall, near-by. This is one of the most enjoyable of all the retreat days. Be forewarned, our guide brings us fresh fruit and libations fit for the Goddess, merriment reigns, and you just may ditch your bathing suit for the water feels like silk on skin, and rarely to we get an opportunity to be in such a true paradise.

Day-trip to the Marietta Islands: (Included in fee)
Our boatman, Seferino will drop us off on one of the uninhabited beaches and later give us a tour of the islands by boat, stopping if possible to let us swim into the womb cave, which must one be listed as one of the world's wonders. The Mariettas are one of the last two nesting grounds of the Blue-Footed Booby. (Bring your waterproof cameras!). Snorkeling at the Mariettas provides one with delight, and swimming there is quite a thrill for those who love the water. 

Nourish your body, soul and spirit in Yelapa – Optional Add Ons:

  • per hour: Massage with Claudia, one of the greatest greatmama massage therapists in the world! 
  • per hour: Acupressure Treatments with Beverly Taylor – the best body work you've ever had and may ever have.  
  • Other delights await you in Yelapa. There are always new people wonders of all sorts.

About the Retreat Leaders:

linda           Kellie

Linda is a celebrated photographer; her artwork is collected in museums, galleries and public institutions worldwide. She also is the founder of Teen Talking Circles, a nonprofit organization providing after school circles for teens, and adult circle facilitation trainings. She is the co-author of Daughers of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun; Young Women and Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood and, Global Uprising. She is the creator and producer of I Am A Full Woman, a video montage celebrating women world-wide. Linda is a certified Compassionate Listening Facilitator, and has over 20 years experience training others in the art of circle. (Linda's bio, click here). 


Kellie ShannonElliott:

Kellie fell in love with the transformational embodiment practice of the 5Rhythms® in 1999 and has been a devoted and relentless practitioner since that time. She maintains a disciplined local practice, has traveled far and wide, immersed in the global community and studied with teachers from all over the world. Kellie has studied extensively with founder, Gabrielle Roth since 2005, and received her teacher certification from Gabrielle and the Moving Center School in New York. She teaches in numerous Puget Sound communities. Her passion for and knowledge of the 5Rhythms® has grown in depth and breadth with each repetition of the maps and she maintains her own continuing education, dropping into communities around the world, to study with senior faculty, to further embody the beauty and wisdom, of being a life long student of the 5Rhythms®. "Why do we dance? We dance to hook up to the true genius lurking behind all the bullshit — to seek refuge in our originality; to shed the past, forget the future, and fall into the moment feet first." ~Gabrielle Roth



Yelapa, is a fishing village 45 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta by boat, and was recently named the "Numero Uno place to go before you die" by Sunset magazine. Yelapa has long been a favorite destination for artists, musicians, hippies, backpackers, beatniks, and other counter-culture folks who were drawn by the "back to nature" reality of no electricity, no cars, no streets, no roads, and the easy-going attitude towards all things free. Now, Yelapa has electricity (most of the time!), but there is still the same free-flowing feeling and no cars, no streets, no roads, plus an indigenous Mexican culture where you can still find adobe tortilla stoves, and a natural environment with bio-diversity second only to the Amazon Rainforest.

Lodging at El Jardin Eco Retreat: For this retreat, we have rented all the rooms at El Jardin, so we'll have plenty of privacy and comfort in our own nest. El Jardin is located on "The Point," just off Isabel's Beach. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and dance space are one large space, open-air, right at the edge of the Bay. Just beautiful. The Palapa called Casa Banana is a hostel style sleeping quarter, with 3 comfy, cozy beds (all have mosquito nets) downstairs and 2 upstairs. The bathroom close by has a composting toilet, shower and window looking out to sea. Everything is provided for you including towels, linens, pillows, and fresh drinking water. El Jardin are commited to taking care of the eco systems of Yelapa. To view El Jardin's website, filled with recommendations and photos, look at this website.

 Meals: Our on-site cook, Eric, uses as many organic, local and whole foods as possible in his preparations. Vegan, vegetarian, pescaterian, flexitarian options are no problem, just let him know what you want! Our first night's dinner is a favorite – homemade black beans and rice, fresh corn tortillas (whenever possible, locally made by hand), salsa, guacamole and always fresh salads, steamed vegetables, and an array of delicious choices of natural fruits, nuts, coconuts, juices, teas, and local desserts, all made with care, love, skill, and patience. Let us know your particular dietary constraints, and we'll take care of you to the best of our ability.

Eric Kuhner: Eric Kuhner is part of a men's circle, and leads young men's circles and assists in TTC Facilitator Trainings. He is on the board of directors of Teen Talking Circles, and was Administrative Director for the Compassionate Listening Project. Eric has completed the Advanced CL Training. In addition to participating in his own men’s group, he has led retreats and circles for men as well as retreats for men and women. He's been our chef for 5 years. 

Fitness Requirements: Yelapa is a walking village. We've had participants from 18 – 80 years old in our circles — even one woman with two artificial knees! If you've been wanting more exercise, you'll have a great opportunity! However, if you're feeling sore or even if you're not, you can avail yourself of one of the many talented local bodywork practicioners whose prices are far better than we're used to in most North American cities. 

Living Conditions to Consider: Living close to nature brings us more deeply in touch with our own wild nature and the wilderness in our own spirits. It provides enormous pleasure, awe and can also cause us to have to confront our fears as well as pay attention to possible hazzards. The presence of scorpions, jellyfish, ticks (non-lyme), stingrays, intense sun, uneven footing on rocky trails requires mindfullness and care. We have never had injuries, scorpion stings or other health issues among our participants, but these hazzards are ever present and need to be recognized.

More about Yelapa: Yelapa also offers us tremendous opportunities outside our scheduled times — through resting, reading, hiking, swimming, dancing, paragliding, and simply being, we revitalize. There are kayaks availble for our use and a beach right at our doorstep. At El Jardin, we have Internet and cell phones do work in most places in Yelapa! If you're someone who enjoys speaking Spanish, the locals love conversation and even make an effort to understand our worst efforts!

At night, in Yelapa, there is much to do to shake out our bodies and rattle our souls! The Saturday night and Wednesday night "Disco" means dancing your heart out! So bring flowing dancing clothes! At certain times of the year we can go for a midnight swim under the stars, in the phosphorescence. Then, sleep to the sounds of the crickets and tropical forest creatures and the music flowing across the Bay. In the morning you'll wake to the sounds of dozens of birds, the hooves of horses on the stone paths, the calls of the fishermen, and the children playing or on their way to the school. If you wish there is "upriver," where an hour hike through the back country will bring you to Christina's Vegan Restaurant — itself quite a novelty, with a bathroom & toilet up in a funky treehouse! And further on is the waterfall in Yelapa.

The Huichol Shamans and Artists: The Huichol or Wixáritari (or "peyote people," as they are often called) are an indigenous ethnic group of western central Mexico, living in the Sierra Madre mountain range in the Mexican states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Durango. Over the past 40 years, the late Isabel Jordan, founder of Casa Isabel, befriended and supported many Huichol shamans and artists by purchasing their artwork and jewelry, as well as participating in their religious and spiritual rituals at sacred sites in the Sierra Madre Mountains. If shamans or artists are visiting Yelapa at the time of our retreat, you might be able to purchase a Healing or jewelry. 

Traveling in Jalisco, Mexico is safe and easy.  We have heard of no violence towards foreign visitors in Jalisco, or Yelapa. The worst we've heard of in Yelapa are robberies. El Jardin has safes for our valuables, and the local people are committed to seeing this does not continue.  The locals are friendly and warm and often speak English or make a great attempt to understand poor Spanish.

Airlines are offering great deals right now, and there are many direct flights to Puerto Vallarta. As departure and arrival plans vary, we will work with you to arrange baggage assistance and water taxi transportation, as needed. We'll give you all the information and assistance you need to get from the airport to Yelapa and back! 

We hope you will join us for another unforgetable experience in Circle in Yelapa. If you need to speak with a real person or two about this, don't hesitate to call us at 206-842-3000. You can also email Genevieve, who will be glad to help you figure out the details info (@) teentalkingcircles (.) org.


Cost to attend the Retreat: 50

  • Nine Days/Eight Nights Eco Lodging at El Jardin Eco Retreat (
  • 3 Delicious, whole-foods meals prepared by our on-site chef, Eric Kuhner (vegan options available)
  • Daily Sacred Circles facilitated by Linda Wolf (except adventure days)
  • Daily Yin Yoga, meditation and healing movement with Susi Costello (except adventure days)
  • Daily 5Rhythms Dance with Kellie Elliott (except adventure days)
  • Pie from the famous pie lady!

Our Refund Policy:  (please look into trip insurance):  

If you must cancel your trip, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 0 non-refundable fee is retained at any time of cancellation.
  • Cancellations made after February 31: 50% of fees will be retained, unless you find someone to take your place.
  • After March 31st, We’re sorry, but we cannot provide any refund in this case, due to the nonrefundable reservations we are locked into at this stage of the journey.
  • If the trip is cancelled, due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will refund all but 0. (please look into trip insurance)

Travelers Insurance: We encourage participants to purchase travel insurance, which generally includes: trip cancellation, baggage, medical and/or emergency evacuation insurance. No one ever intends to cancel their trip; however, unforeseen circumstances can change travel plans. Baggage may be lost or damaged, and some medical insurance (including Medicare) will not provide coverage outside the U.S. For a modest price, protection can be provided for these and other concerns. Please check with a travel agent of your choice or there are many reputable companies on-line.

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The Amazing Yelapa Experience: Many women have written us to thank us for offering them such a treasured experience. Here are a few more testimonials. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to speak personally with someone who has been to one of our retreats.

"I enjoyed the women's circle in Yelapa so much, I'm going again this year!  The retreat is a good way for me as a busy city woman to reconnect with myself in a healthy, beautiful setting. Sharing the retreat with a great group of women makes it more meaningful.  We all need to slow down sometimes, to take time to reflect, eat healthy food, laugh, dance, and share a little of our lives with friends.  Just arriving in Yelapa, after a boat trip down the coast, makes me feel that I'm moving towards more balance in my life." Gillian Corless, Vancouver BC

"I can’t thank you enough for your caring and your skilled facilitation in Yelapa which helped me in so many ways. I came home with a deeper understanding of some of the issues I was facing in my life, a sense of peace, and a renewed energy." Phyllis, Indianola WA.

Click here to watch the Youtube movie about yelapa
and women's sacred circles, led by Linda Wolf
YouTube Movie

at El Jardin Eco Retreat –
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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