Cuddle Party SANTA ROSA!!! – Saturday, May 18th!!!!
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Hi Everybody!!!


Sujata D. Monti here!!  Come enjoy our nurturing events in beautiful, PEACEFUL, quiet wine country!!!!  

We out grew our Sebastopol location and are NOW doing our Cuddle Parties in Santa Rosa again!!!!  

PLEASE register with the name you want on your nametag!!!

If you generally procrastinate, I invite you to register now to be sure to get in!!!  Most of the time our events have sold out early and that means people didn't get in and end up disappointed because they waited too long!!!!  The available tickets above are NOT an actual representation of the tickets still available.  I have to make a variety of price tickets available so people can choose the price that authentically and HONESTLY fits them, leaving the remaining tickets number, quite inaccurate!! 🙂 

It takes a HUGE amount of work and coordinating of people to create these events and they are about 70% of my income these days.  I offer sliding scale for those who NEED it.  If you can honestly afford the non discounted price, I request that you pay it.  It will help me to be more energized doing these events and make space for the people who are GENUINELY in a hardship situation, get here.

Thanks for your integrity and listening. 🙂

CONFIRMATIONS with complete details and directions will be e-mailed usually within a week of your registration and no later than 3 days prior to the event – unless you registered less than 3 days prior.  ASSUME you will get a confirmation if you have paid online.  Since I have to do that part by hand I usually do it once a week.  I send them to the e-mail address you used to sign up OR paypal so please check both of your e-mail addresses AND YOUR SPAM FILTER before e-mailing me and asking why you haven't received it yet!!! 🙂


VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!  PLEASE white list the following e-mail so that you’re sure to receive confirmations and other communications from us:, as were now using eventbrite, please also look for e-mails from them in your inbox or spam filter too!! 🙂  For more frequent updates and details about our Cuddle Parties, check out my personal page at

ON the VERY RARE occasion that you can't actually pay via PayPal, either contact them directly to fix the problem or contact me to send a .00 check to my PO Box.  Going to the PO Box AND the bank is a energy suck for me so please pay online.


Cancellations and refunds:

*If you cannot make it, let us know immediately!! We usually have a waiting list and some people really need cuddling! We can only fill any extra spaces at the party if you notify us in enough time! Out of kindness to other cuddlers, please call us immediately if your plans change!

* Full refund up to 72 hours in advance (Wednesday 5pm)

* If you decide by the end of the Welcome Circle that it isn’t the right time/event for you, full refund.

* If you are a no show, no refund. If there's a genuine emergency AND we fill your spot from the waitlist (or you fill it with a friend), we transfer your fee to a future party or give you a refund, one time only.

We also have a meet up group now for CP's and other fun events not listed on the abovesite or that we send out eventbrite invitations for!!!  It's also a great way to create carpool buddies!!!!  Join us at 

What is a Cuddle Party?


Cuddle Party is a fun, playful, potluck & workshop about connection and communication that includes an abundance of nurturing and affectionate touch. It is safe and structured, non-sexual and drug and alcohol-free event. Called a "Party" because it is so much fun (a wonderful alternative to a standard singles scene and night life)!


People may attend a Cuddle Party for a variety of reasons. Some come just to have fun and enjoy a wonderful evening of connecting with like-minded people. Some see a Cuddle Party as a great networking opportunity to look for new friends or a significant other. Some (both men and women alike) come to safely fulfill their need for affection and nurturing touch that may be missing in their everyday life. Some appreciate the learning and personal growth aspect, having the opportunity to improve their social and communication skills (expressing needs, setting boundaries, etc.), and explore ways of creating connection and closeness. Some may appreciate risking connecting with someone of the same sex (or the opposite if that's your edge).  Some may even find an element of spirituality here, and play with "touch meditation", Tantra, or explore different states of consciousness ("the cuddling hormone" oxytocin can produce quite an altered state).  It's a GREAT way to create community!!!


Cuddling can mean feet against feet, head or shoulder rubs, full-body hugs, spooning – it is entirely up to you. You can participate according to your desires and comfort level (it is perfectly ok if you just want to talk and not touch anyone for a while or not at all – YOU ARE ALWAYS AT CHOICE!!!). You will have a great opportunity to meet and connect with other cuddle-minded people in a safe and relaxing environment.


During the first hour we create the structure and safe space by introducing ourselves, learning about Cuddle Party philosophy and rules (like "Ask before touching anyone"), and by going through several communication and ice-breaker exercises. This is followed by a couple of hours of social cuddling time, and ends with a Closing Circle.


Please share with all of your friends and associates about these wonderful events by forwarding this info to like-hearted people.



And since a picture’s worth a thousand words, a cuddle video has got to be worth a million words!!!!




I must admit that I had lots of trepidation about coming to the Cuddle Party (it sounded like something I was looking for, but what about the reality?), but the friendliness of everybody, and the way you and Ray brought us together made me feel a lot more comfortable. I will be signing up for end of December party…  AP Greenbrae

The cuddle party was so much fun! I didn't really know what to expect when I signed up, but I was really curious to see what this party was all about after seeing everyone in the photos, testimonials and videos. Sujata was a wonderful facilitator who's obviously very dedicated to making the CP a success. It's truly a wonderful way to connect with other human beings without the expectations of anything happening beyond the cuddle. I really enjoyed learning about boundaries and how to connect with another person at the party. Once we got through the practice sessions, I felt my walls melt away and started connecting right away with some wonderful new friends! I couldn't believe how fast the time flew by! I had gone into a cuddle trance and was so relaxed! That night, I slept like a log! LOL! I've already signed up for the next one and can't wait to see who else I get to hug or cuddle with! AE, Santa Rosa

“Dear Sujata, thanks so much for organizing the Cuddle Party. It was my first experience and it was wonderful. What a safe loving way to relax in someone's arms, have a great conversation and feel touched in a way that I long for.”  And….. “Dear Sujata, this was my second cuddle party, and I feel like I am rewiring my brain from old beliefs and habits to new ones that feel much better. Thanks for all the organizational work that makes these happen. Hugs… RF, Fairfax


Dear Sujata, My experience at your cuddle parties has blown the top off of my ability to experience pleasure and intimacy in a safe environment with some pretty open, honest and warm people. This experience has given me the ability to make changes in my own way of thinking that has made a big improvement with my other relationships. Thanks so much…I could just hug you to death!  RF, Fairfax, CA


Thanks so much for the wonderful Cuddle Party on Sat evening, my second time.  What a joy to be in such a safe, responsive, accepting environment, where anything goes within the clear boundaries.  I am learning each time to expand my possibilities and pleasure. I WAS SMILING ALL THE WAY HOME TO TIBURON !!!!!!!!!  I already have the 3rd Sat of May on my calendar, hope to see you then.   🙂 JR, Marin


I attended my first Cuddle Party facilitated by Sujata last week and was made to feel completely welcome and at ease from the start. She established a great sense of safety while at the same time encouraging participants to explore and take risks with connecting with people in ways that might have been unfamiliar or new. It's a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, practice good boundaries, and play. I highly recommend anyone giving it a try! A.M.  San Francisco

I really enjoyed my experience at the cuddle party. It moved me and lots came up for me. This was like a huge feat for me in many ways; allowing in the love and touch. I have a ways to go, however, now I see an avenue for direction I need to go. It looks as though the next one is full, and I bet there is a huge waiting list already. If not, I'd like to go. I am truly amazed that I can do this.  Thank you for all your work and compassion in bringing this together. What I saw happening at this party was intense compassion in action. It was wonderful to see people receive what they need, and I was a part of this. Thank you for making it happen.  BS Santa Rosa, CA


I had a great time at the cuddle party, Sujata! I appreciate all of the hard work you do to make it possible. CA, Petaluma


Thank you again for providing this in our lives.  Each party is different and last night I really experienced the "real meaning" which is Real Touch and the power and healing of touch.  We live in such an unconnected world with all this technology and most of our culture perceives touch as sexual. What  a relief that I can come there and feel safe (esp as a single woman) and cared about at a deep level—not seen as a some man or woman's "sexual hit potential" which is just everywhere.  LK Sebastopol


Sujata did a wonderful job to create a comfortable and safe space at their lovely home. The gentle introduction and “safety” exercises set the tone for respectful, non-competitive and relaxed verbal and, if desired, physical connection between the guests. I found it especially heartwarming that I could connect with men and women alike and that everyone felt so at ease. This is a great opportunity to explore edges, regardless if such an event sounds weird to you, or if you are a seasoned workshopper in the sensual realm. Highly recommended for singles and couples.
Martin Ucik, founder and author of “Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men” (and curious women).  

Safety, love, acceptance, laughter, play, touch.   This is my cuddle party experience.  From this place of innocence and intimacy profound connections happen.  Sujata’s party is simply the best of the best.    W.S. Marin

I not only enjoyed great cuddling, but I met the woman I've always dreamed about at Sujata's Cuddle Party. It shows, you CAN "have your cake and eat it too"! Paul R. Rohnert Park, CA

From the moment I walked into the Cuddle Party I felt safe and welcomed. In particular, I appreciated the tone of playful friendliness that Sujata sets.  The experience was extremely well orchestrated from start to finish.  The time spent on ground rules was perfect.  The ground rules and the discussion of boundaries created the perfect balance of permission and safety, enabling me to feel at ease in both reaching out for touch and receiving touch. I enjoyed the people I there and felt that my needs were met, which I must confess is not how I normally feel. What I have taken with me from the event is a very strong sense of the OKness of my own needs–particularly my need for touch.  I continue to be able to ask for what I want in my current relationship without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.  I recommend this experience to anyone seeking a deeper connection with humanity–both their own and that of others.       D.R., MFT, Santa Rosa, CA


Cuddle-parties are about the most fun you can have for those wanting a nurturing, playful and quiet afternoon. Because of the bonding-qualities of touch they are also among the more powerful tools for deepening and building community. I’ve been to five different cuddle party locations and Sujata’s tops the list in several ways, including the most comfortable and well-equipped space, good sized group of eclectic people to talk with and the most delicious potluck food. To this Sujata adds her playful and irreverent humor with a touch of the rebel, while staying sensitive to the group.  Can shopping, TV or another wine-tasting event compete for an afternoon’s recreation? DC, Marin, CA


It was a pleasure meeting you and being at my first cuddle party. I didn't know just what to expect, but was open to the experience. I felt welcomed and safe as soon as I arrived. I could feel the loving and gentleness in the room. Once I got going I shared many tender, beautiful, playful and gratifying moments with my cuddle partners. It ended too soon. I could have cuddled all night. The softness and relaxation I felt stayed with me all day Sunday. Now I find that I am able to return to that place within me anytime by recalling the sensory memories of the cuddles. RR, Santa Rosa

The cuddle party tonight was awesome. You guys did an amazing job of facilitating such an outpouring of human spirit and love. I came away feeling high from the experience. Thank you so much. RP Sebastopol, CA


I attended my first Cuddle Party last weekend and was delighted to meet many wonderful people and share in  an uplifting and fulfilling experience.   At the end of the evening, I felt as though I was connected with everyone there in a very warm and loving way.   The positive energy in the room at the end of the evening was palpable.   I recommend the experience to everyone regardless of age.  Moira N.

Hey Ladies!! What are we looking for in a partner? Someone who wants to work at their ability to communicate? Perhaps enhance their intimacy skills? Someone who would push themselves past their culturally imposed stoicism and be willing to join us in having and sharing feelings? Well,my sisters, they are here at Cuddle Party! I have been searching most of my adult life for like-minded humans and I found them here. We have such an open, kind and loving dynamic that it's almost painful to go home and wait for the next party but I find I can take that dynamic into my daily life and apply it to my benefit. It is a wonderful adventure. I look forward to seeing you here! – ps, Santa Rosa

"Sujata's Cuddle Parties are the best, characterized by her passion for bringing strangers together and making them comfortable and engaged.  Her warm, welcoming personality fills the room and surrounds folks like warm embrace."  D.D Hopland, CA

I had heard about the cuddle party for about three years from an enthusiastic friend. Being part of the "turtle clan," three years later I attended and had a rich and delightful time. I was very moved by the tenderness of all those in attendance and grateful for the gentle but effective guidelines. I left vowing to return–and wanting to urge others to give the gift of humanity–for that is what cuddle parties represent–our ability to embrace our human selves–blood, skin and bones. Not to mention the Queen of it all–the Heart. LH Graton, CA


In reponse to the Feb 2010 Bohemian article:  I attended a cuddle party in Sebastopol last month, and had an incredible experience there. I was disappointed in the recent article you published about these events ("Group Grope," Feb. 10), since it sounded like the author had made up her mind long before she even attended the event. Maybe it's my age or the location that made the difference, but I found this event to be incredibly nurturing, safe and a wonderful way to fill my tactile reservoir since I am choosing not to date for a while. I urge your readers to check it out for themselves and make up their own minds. SR

"Cuddle parties are a safe place to interact physically with others in a nurturing and fun environment!" "Cuddle Parties are a wonderful, safe place for a single women to get touch needs met!"  R. R., Female Business Owner, Santa Rosa, CA


'I felt more relaxed than I can remember in a very long time. I felt safe, comfortable and held in a way that allowed my body to just let go. Thank you! AVC  Petaluma, CA


I attended my first cuddle party in February of 2010. I was at a low point in life and that night marked a new and positive direction for me.  I was so uplifted by reintroducing cuddling to my life in such a safe, warm, and comfortable atmosphere that allowed me to set aside my fears and savor the incredible healing  power of human touch.  Thank you so much for creating a healthy environment to learn and experience a new level of “intimacy”. With Gratitude, SGS Windsor, CA

To experience cuddling in a professional led setting enabled me to observe the dynamic of my somatic boundaries (felt sense of self) in relation to strangers. A Sujata Cuddle Party is a great setting to develop communication skills and sense of self that are directly applicable to friends and lovers.  Just talking about my experience has transformed friendships (and friends.) JG, Sebastopol, CA


Sujata's cuddle party was worth the trip.  I had been having a high stress week but as soon as I sat down in the welcome circle, I felt a sort of calm come over me.  I really like the new transition into cuddling too because it eases up the process of asking for what you want. JC, Sunnyvale CA

 In some of us, we have an insatiable need, a desire to be touched… in such a safe environment one’s touch needs can be met. At Sujata’s cuddle party, a person can feel a strong sense of safety that a loving, non-sexual touch can happen for a few hours, with different people giving you different experiences of being seen, touched, held. When you join us for one of these cuddle parties, only then will you fully understand the sense of bliss and connection that many people experience. DH, Fairfax, CA


"I have been to many Cuddle Parties hosted by Sujata, and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I really love the "safe space" that is created there, where people can relax, and open themselves up to others, and experiment moving out of their comfort zones and trying out new behaviors. I find Cuddle Parties to be incredible in that people have the opportunity to give and receive loving, nurturing touching without being sexual." All the best, and more, to you, SS San Rafael, CA


For those of you who have never heard of or been to a cuddle party, it is one of the best things that's ever happened in this lifetime.   I have attended numerous cuddle parties for quite sometime where everyone can have their touch and cuddle needs with real pleasure and where boundaries are honored at the same time in a safe comfortable environment.   I have connected with so many people with different age range and backgrounds through these events that after it's all over I feel more alive than ever than when I first walked in.  B.A.  Daly City,  CA.

Thank you for your efforts in making last night happen.  I've never been to one before but I liked it as the age group was closer to my age, and therefore I was more comfortable. You also provided some very nice snacks and a great variety.  Thank you. CS, Santa Rosa

As a long-standing fan of Puja circles, cuddling and sharing heart energy, I deeply enjoyed the official Cuddle Party Sujata has hosted and would recommend these to all walks of life. Sujata is an experienced and a gifted fun loving facilitator of groups of people in general whose energetic vibrancy and genuine caring nature flows freely and balanced amongst all parties involved. JS, Marin

I attended Sujata Monti's Cuddle Party. It was a wonderful event, both yummy and safe, and Sujata was great! She was organized down to the last detail, her instructions were clear, and even though it was her first time, she was able to participate comfortably herself while still keeping tabs on all the activity.  —ds, Middletown CA

Sujata's Cuddle Party was fun, playful, and nurturing.  She is a great CCO (Chief Cuddle Officer).   WS – Novato.

I enjoyed Sujata's first Cuddle Party immensely.  We knew that it was her first party and were prepared to encounter some hesitancy in her leadership, but she was confident and entertaining.  We got to touch one another and share in a non-threatening environment created by her skill, knowledge, and empathy.  I would definitely attend another party with Sujata guiding the group. It was fun, even for introverts like me!  D.L.–San Francisco

Sujata's parties offer a safe place for renewal, play… an opportunity to connect, learn and communicate about boundaries and cuddle with others. Jkm, Santa Rosa CA

Thank you and your assistants for organizing and participating in this event.  It was a deeply moving and tender experience for me. I look forward to another of your cuddle parties. C, Sebastopol

That was SO fabulous…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Heck, once the word gets out about this, I don't think you'll have any trouble filling the room!! RR, Sebastopol

Just home from this cold winter's night Cuddle Party – so much warmer and softer than I had arrived, and from the inside out – luxuriating in the deliciously tender, sweet afterglow of such innocent intimacy.  ~ R.W., Santa Rosa, CA


What a lovely evening last night. It was my first cuddle party, and not my last. I had a fantastic, and nourishing time. Thank you for hosting us! If there is an email list, please get me on it or tell me how. JP San Francisco


I Look forward to meeting each and every one of you!!

Be well!!

Sujata  🙂

at postal code 95404, United States

Santa Rosa, United States

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