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Everyone knows that proper nutrition plays a key role in the health of the body but now many experts believe that there are super foods, particular foods that contain especially high levels of beneficial nutrients. Some health care professionals advise their patients to incorporate these items into their diet for maximum benefits. The latest article by BR’s List of Top 10 Super Foods discusses the notion of super foods and presents its own list of the top 10 super foods of all.

Many Americans with busy lifestyles find themselves unable to eat a balanced diet every day. While some consumers rely on supplements to meet their nutritional needs, many more have started to focus on foods especially high in nutrients in order to get the most value out of every bite of food. What are the advantages of adding super foods to ones diet? What are the foods that make the Beauty Research top 10 list? Which key nutritional components give each super food its power? To find out, visit or click

With every vacation comes the dilemma of what to pack. Since space is always limited no matter what the means of travel, its often a challenge to plan for a trip. While everyone wants to be well equipped while traveling, most Americans find themselves packing items they dont really need. How can one maximize suitcase space with only essential items sure to get used? How can one determine which items to leave behind? What tips can anyone follow in order to pack smart and light for an upcoming trip? To find out, visit or click

Many women wonder how Hollywood stars achieve a smooth, flawless-looking complexion. While many famous women have naturally beautiful skin, they also have the advantage of professionally applied cosmetics. While airbrush foundation was once only available in professional settings, consumers can now purchase airbrush foundation devices for home use. How exactly does airbrush foundation work? Do these at-home devices achieve the same quality as professional applications? Does airbrush foundation have advantages over regular foundation? What tips should women follow when using an airbrush foundation device? To find out, visit or click

While pregnancy can be a time of excitement and eager anticipation, many women become depressed and troubled by changes to their bodies. Weight gain and hormonal fluctuations can have a real impact on a womans appearance as well as how she feels on a daily basis. What are some of the most notable changes to the body during pregnancy? What are the causes of these common changes? What should all women expect at different stages of their pregnancies? To find out, visit or click

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Since the skin is the bodys largest organ, it goes without saying that proper nutrition is vital to a healthy complexion. However, many Americans are missing key ingredient in their diet. This can lead to skin issues such dullness and dryness. The beauty industry offers supplements geared at particular skin issues. Find out which ingredients are beneficial to specific concerns. Learn how to incorporate skin care supplements into a daily routine in order to complement the effects of a quality topical skin care regimen. Discover which products come highly recommended by consumers as well as the editors at Beauty Research.

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