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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, recently released its list of top talk show beauty tips. Talk shows have been popular among the female demographic for decades and many women tune in hoping to get advice on a variety of topics. The Beauty Research list includes tips from popular talk shows like Dr. Oz, The View and the Talk. The list includes a variety of tips on the topics of aging skin, body firming and affordable shopping.

You would think having 30 years of experience under my belt would provide me plenty of knowledge to share my beauty tips with you; but Ive got to tell you, I almost think Ive learned more from watching daytime television than all my education and professional experience combined. Of course, Ive shared with you different beauty tips and secrets Ive learned from television along the way, but there have been a number of talk show episodes that I just havent given their proper due. But when I see a really good episode or a segment pertaining to beauty that either pique my interest or I go so far as to try them out, I jot them down so that I can share them with all of you. Well todays the day youre going to hear about 6 of my favorite talk show beauty tips and secrets from the recent past. I have been compiling them for quite a while but the following stand out above the rest. Writes Karen of Beauty Research

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Top Talk Show Beauty Tips

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Buckle up Accessorize with Figure Flattering Belts

When it comes to a wardrobe that flatters our figure, we oftentimes think of things like wearing black, using shape wear undergarments, accentuating our assets (whether it be a plunging neck line to accentuate what weve got up top or a shorter dress to show off our pretty legs), or even dresses that have full skirts that accentuates a smaller waist but covers a larger bottom. But what you may not be aware of is the power of accessorizing with a beautiful, sassy and sophisticated belt! Writes Karen of Beauty Research

Less is More Go Easy on the Makeup

Weve all heard it before on so many occasions and for so many different reasonsthe old adageLess is More! But nothing holds truer when it comes to this saying than applying and wearing makeup and other cosmetics. Makeup looks best when it looks natural. Of course there are times when we up the ante a tad for a special occasion, but even then too much can appear fake, thick and crusty, or even downright scary. Thats why commercials such as Cover Girl always make up the model to look clean and natural. Rarely do you see a makeup application on television that looks overdoneunless of course its for an actress playing a hooker or a rich housewife who already looks a little too superficial. Writes Karen of Beauty Research

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