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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, recently recommended corrective cosmetics from jane iredale and Too Faced. Many women are searching for solutions to conceal their flaws and both brands offer a variety of options. The blog recommended BB creams, primers and brighteners from mineral makeup giant jane iredale as well as sparse eye lash solutions from Too Faced, a cosmetic company geared towards providing the consumer with unusual products not easily found in the beauty industry.

One of the best reasons for using and applying makeup isnt so much to add color, or brighten up, or smooth out the skinalthough those are certainly some very legitimate ones! But one of the best reasons for good makeup and cosmetic application is to correct flaws and conceal and contour, providing for a more perfect look and appeal. There are two brands that can correct, conceal, cover, minimize and disguise flaws better than any other that Im aware of. jane iredale and Too Faced are my go-to beauty brands for tackling my toughest flaws and enhancing what features and assets I already have. And after reading many jane iredale reviews as well as Too Faced reviews I think youll find that many others are quite impressed with how good they are for this as well. Writes Karen of Beauty Research

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Tackle your Toughest Flaws with jane iredale and Too Faced

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