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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, recently recommended perfumed products from Elizabeth Arden as well as fragranced shaving products from The Art of Shaving. Elizabeth Arden is a giant in the beauty industry, well known for the signature scents Elizabeth Arden Red Door and Elizabeth Arden Pretty. The fragrance lines offer various products with the same signature scent. The Art of Shaving specializes in shaving products and uses only pure essential oils for a subtle fragrance that can be a lighter alternative to colognes and perfumed after shaves.

Want to look, feel and smell sexy every moment of every day? The sensational beauty and fragrance products from Elizabeth Arden can help you achieve that very goal. And guys, theres certainly an option for you to look, feel and smell incredible every moment too. The grooming products from The Art of Shaving are your ticket to being absolutely irresistible as well! Today were going to discuss some amazing fragranced products from the Elizabeth Arden Pretty line for women, as well as some seductive and magnetic scented products from Art of Shaving for men. Writes Karen of Beauty Research

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Balance your Fragrance with Elizabeth Arden and the Art of Shaving

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